A Bold Initiative Built on Regional Leadership

MCWD relies on the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin for its supply and is leading efforts to identify sustainable additional water supplies to meet the future needs of customers, the Ord Community and the region. We have learned there are no silver bullets to solve the regional water supply issues. Marina Coast FutureH20 is a bold initiative built on regional leadership, investment in infrastructure, local control and realistic alternatives that will ensure we have safe, affordable water well into the future.

Residents in our service area
Acre-feet per year
Above statewide average conservation rate

Conservation & Demand

Water demands within the district were below the state and regional averages long before the recent drought due to aggressive water conservation practices.

Additional conservation and demand management measures include:

  • Working towards the metering of all water services
  • Large landscape conservation programs and incentives
  • High-efficiency washing machine rebate programs
  • School education programs
  • Water survey programs for single-family and multifamily residential customers
  • Residential plumbing retrofits
  • System water audits for leak detection and repair
  • Public information programs
  • Conservation programs for commercial, industrial and institutional accounts
  • Wholesale agency assistance
  • Conservation coordinator to oversee and implement water conservation practices
  • Water waste prohibitions