Local Control

As we develop new water supplies for the future, we also must protect existing groundwater rights. In 2015, The California Department of Water Resources granted MCWD exclusive Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) status over parts of the Monterey Subbasin and the 180/400 Subbasin.

Becoming an exclusive GSA is part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our customers, allowing us to defend our groundwater rights, maintain and improve infrastructure and fulfill our obligation to provide safe drinking water at affordable rates. MCWD has also invested in research and hydrogeologic studies to monitor and manage groundwater.

As the GSA, we will develop Groundwater Sustainability Plans for both subbasins, in coordination with the other GSAs. We will create an open and inclusive process to gather input from all stakeholders and obtain necessary technical advice regarding groundwater sustainability issues. We’re also working on a Coordination Agreement with other GSA’s to recognize our common mission and describe how efforts can best be communicated, coordinated and facilitated as each GSA moves forward with development of groundwater sustainability plans.