Infrastructure & Investment

MCWD remains committed to ongoing research, investment in infrastructure and serving as regional leaders along with key partners to study and identify realistic solutions.

MCWD is collaborating on a recycled water project with Monterey One Water (formally Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency) called Pure Water Monterey, that provides a clean, safe and sustainable source of water for Monterey County. It emphasizes advanced water recycling technology, replenishment of the groundwater supply and protection of the environment.

In our ongoing quest to develop new water supplies, we are in the process of building a massive recycled water transmission and distribution system. The Regional Urban Water Augmentation Project (RUWAP) will serve both the MCWD Water Augmentation Program and Pure Water Monterey in which the transmission pipeline will span ten miles. We are coordinating funding and construction of this important milestone with the FORA and the Monterey One Water.

The RUWAP will provide 1,427 acre feet per year of water from sources other than groundwater within MCWD and up to 3,700 acre feet of Pure Water to the Monterey Peninsula. The pipeline will initially deliver 600 acre-feet of advanced treated water to MCWD customers in Marina and the Ord Community. This water will be suitable for injection into the Seaside Groundwater Basin and may be used for urban landscape irrigation reducing our reliance on groundwater.

We’re also exploring a new option for additional water supplies at the Armstrong Ranch site, which may provide a potential groundwater recharge opportunity. Data reveals that groundwater from the Dune Sand Aquifer is providing a freshwater source that is replenishing the 180 Foot Aquifer and mitigating seawater intrusion. These findings are incredibly promising and if it is feasible to pursue this project, the addition of high-quality water to the aquifer system could further prevent saltwater intrusion and add water to the basin.